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Dark Angel

The hard copy is only available in South Africa at present and will be posted from PostNet to PostNet.

If you live elsewhere in the world, and you would like to purchase a copy of Dark Angel, please contact me on and postage plus packaging will be calculated before you make your purchase. Otherwise please consider the e-book.  Viewed best in colour format i.e.: Kindle Fire, Tablet or a relevant app on your computer for optimum viewing experience. The e-book is now available on AMAZON click on the link below:

It’s in moments of darkness that we find hidden depths within ourselves and the strength to carry on.

This is the underlying message of the central character of The Dark Angel; an individual born of heaven and raised in hell, who openly embraces both her sexuality and her passion for violence against the darkness that lurks within men and beasts.  In today’s society there is often brutality or hostility in the lives of many women, some of it self-inflicted, most of it undeserved.

Some, like The Dark Angel, refuse to accept that women are the weaker sex.

Not just short stories but a journey, this book contains a collection of twenty five short stories, each which are interspersed with a variety of poems and one-liners. The prose is held together with a series of original photographs and graphic illustrations that complement the writing and provide an additional visual stimulation that allows imaginations to run wild.

This structure sets it apart from other books of this genre and provides a unique and exclusive experience.  The writing paints imagery of love, passion, betrayal, violence, heartache, revenge, and retribution using erotica, violence and even humour. The stories explore the fine line between love and hate, the fragility of personal relationships and the continuous strive for self-empowerment.
Despite the somewhat dark nature of the topics, the main character is a rebellious and defiant nonconformist, handling life and love on her own terms with her own unique style.

Ultimately, this book of short stories and poetry; is a tribute to all the battle scarred angels in love and life, who are courageous enough to continue flying on burnt and battered wings.

Inside this book there is a Spotify  link to the song, On Starlit Wings, which can be access by scanning the code with a cellular phone, so you can listen to the song whilst reading the words.